Agency of Record
The Conversion Manager is the person, agency, or organization that plans and executes the upkeep of the data passing through a Conversion Management platform, taking responsibility for...
The handling, enrichment, cleaning, and quality-verification of Conversion events for more powerful revenue-focused optimization and increased reporting details that...
Conversion Tracking is a technique that allows you to measure the success of your marketing efforts by counting the number of times users make predetermined and important actions, such as submitting a website lead form, calling your business, purchasing a product, signing up for your newsletter, or downloading an app. When a customer completes an […]
The act of reviewing conversions for quality prior to using the event data in reporting and optimization efforts. A data quality control process which increases the accuracy of performance reporting while increasing the effectiveness of marketing and spend optimization efforts.
A Key Measure, or Key Performance Indicator is a measure, metric, or analytics that aligns directly with organizational goals and that indicates success. Source
Proof-of-Performance (POPs) are documents or confirmations traditionally sent to advertisers by outdoor advertising organizations as evidence that contracted advertising services have been rendered. In recent years, Proof-of-Performance (POPs) is being expanded for use in Revenue-verified Advertising to indicate the business impact that advertising service providers share with end clients. In both cases, these reports typically […]
Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS) is the gross revenue received as a direct result of an advertising investment
Revenue Adjacent Growth, or “Revenue-Adjacency,” is a growth strategy closely connected with and bolstered by Revenue-verification. Revenue Adjacent Growth can be described as increasing the success of a business (often a marketing and/or advertising agency) by the specific means of proving the monetary value of services delivered to its clients. By receiving clear evidence of […]
The Revenue-verified Advertising ideology strives towards understanding your Customer-Lifetime-Value as it relates to your marketing investment.